Solar Panels

We know this is a BIG investment and we couldn’t be more excited about the pricing we were able to secure for you! After researching over 10 different solar vendors comparing pricing, product, and service, we selected LA Solar Group as we believe they offer the BEST of everything at a fantastic price.

On average, most people that have purchased solar panels recently have paid or were quoted on average $3.52 per watt for their systems. Some bids and invoices we received were in the $5 range! LA Solar Group is offering THRIVE Communities $2.80 per kilowatt!! This is AMAZING. Let me say that again, this is AMAZING!!!!! A friend of ours paid $20,000 for their system at $3.92/watt. Our pricing would have saved them $6,000 BEFORE getting their tax credit. Some homes may need a higher efficiency, Panasonic 330 w panel at a huge THRIVE discount of $3.05 per kilowatt. LA Solar has an exclusive warranty with Panasonic that covers you.

We know there are some variables that will determine your overall cost and size of the system but we want to give you a couple of average examples:

An average system is anywhere from 5.1 to 8.5 kilowatts. The pricing for these is going to range from $14,280 to $22,400. To calculate the total cost for an 8.5 kilowatt system you would do the following: 8.5 x 1,000 x $2.80 = $23,800. At the average quoted price of $3.52 per watt that is 8,500 x $3.52 = $29,920…a savings of $6,120!! You will also qualify for a 30% tax rebate so on the 8.5 kw system you would get another $7,140 back making your total $16,600.

LA Solar Group offers exceptional financing as low as 2.99% and most people will find that the payment on the solar panels will be less than your electric bills have been.

LA Solar Group will be using the 330w JA Solar panels for most homes and in our research, these panels are the Toyota/Lexus in the solar panel world. They are durable and long lasting. There is no maintenance needed and they come with a 25 year labor AND panel warranty. Monitoring is included! LA Solar Group may suggest a premium panel depending on your roof size, that is still offered way below pricing elsewhere! Same warranty and coverage.

To obtain your pricing, please submit the commitment form and LA Solar Group will contact you to provide you with your quote. This is a COMMITMENT form! We understand that since we can’t give you an exact cost up front that you may determine this deal isn’t for you but we ask that you be fairly certain you are ready to move on your installation. Installation timeline is about 3 weeks from start (submission to HOA) to completion. LA Solar Group will ask for a copy of your electric bill to help provide your individual quote.


We chose LA Solar Group because:

1. They are in the top 1% of contractors on BuildZoom.

2. Have completed over 2,700 projects (most local recommended vendors were below 400).

3. They have their solar, electrical and roofing licenses (we couldn’t find another recommended vendor that carried all of these certifications) ROOFING is a big deal in solar installation. You don’t want leaks!

4. They have over 200+ 5-star reviews on Yelp.

5. They are on the INC 5000 fastest growing companies list.

6. They have been around for 7 years and show steady growth and longevity.

7. Excellent customer service without the typical ‘salesman’ approach

8. Exclusive warranty with Panasonic

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