Water Filtration

We have partnered  with an amazing pro that many of you know and recommend regularly. Jeremy with ROK PLUMBING is offering an outstanding deal and product to our community. This whole house water filtration system is a great option for Orange County which has issues with chlorine and ammonia in our water creating issues with our pipes, fixtures and our drinking water. This system is basically a giant ‘Brita’ filter for your entire home removing chemicals, oils and dyes. So cool! The system is completely maintenance free and lasts the average family of 4 approximately 13-15 years. It also has a 10 year warranty on the tank and 5 years on the electronic head. (You want that part!)

We also have the option to add on a softener alternative that will add a de-scaling component to the filter if hard water is something you’d also like to tackle. This system is also maintenance free and does not require salt.

Jeremy is happy to answer questions any time about these systems. We contacted several pros ranging from other plumbers to large companies and found Jeremy to offer the best pricing, product and service. We won’t select any deal that we wouldn’t personally select for our own homes!

The whole house water filter THRIVE PRICE is $2236 and includes the filter tank, electronic head, tax and installation. The softener alternative is available as an add on for $980.

(If your main water shut off is OUTSIDE of your garage, there may be additional fees. Jeremy has agreed to to a free consult for anyone who has their water shut off in a different location and will offer the best pricing he can for anyone falling into this category. Consults are ONLY for people with a water main outside of their garage.)

Cash or check preferred and payment will be due after installation.

Rok Plumbing’s savings is almost $500 on the tank and nearly $400 on the softener alternative! We found pricing on these system generally started around $4000 with the big guys for comparable systems! Woohoo!

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