What we do

  • Research

    We find incredible pros! All of our pros are licensed and insured (when required), have 4+ stars on multiple social media properties (Yelp, Homeadvisor, Google, Angie’s List), and provide excellent customer service.

  • Negotiate

    We negotiate deals that work for everyone.  Our pros offer co-op members great discounts in exchange for purchasing in bulk.

  • Aggregate

    We have several thousand members in our buying co-ops. The deals we negotiate allow us to aggregate our members to purchase a large volume of products and services.

  • Everyone Wins

    Using our buying co-op platform… everyone wins! Our pros win because they are able to sell a large volume of their products/services at a profit, gain new recurring customers and reduce marketing and advertising expenses. Our clients win because they received amazing products/services at a discount.

Pro Questions

What is a Buying Co-Op?

A Buying “Co-Op” or cooperative is a group of individuals who aggregate their buying power in order to receive lower prices on products and services. The Thrive Communities buying co-op already has several thousand members and grow larger week after week.

How can my business participate?

In order to participate in a Thrive Co-Op deal the following is required:

  • 4+ Stars reviews on websites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Homeadvisor.
  • Must offer an exclusive discount on products and/or services not available to the general public.
  • Must be licensed
  • Must be insured
  • Must be able to service to many people within a specified period of time.
  • Must offer amazing customer service!

Please contact Chantelle Voss at chantelle (at) thrivecommunities (dot) us or complete the contact us form.

Is there a fee to participate?

There are no upfront fees. We charge an administrative fee which is a small percentage of total sales. If we do not sell any of your services, you pay nothing. No risk whatsoever to the vendor.

How long does the deal last?

It varies.  We usually offer each deal for 30-60 days. It is ultimately up to each of our vendors. The vendors can determine how long they would like each of the deals to last. The vendor is NOT obligated to honor the discount after the deal has expired.

How many times can I offer a deal?

We are highly motivated to build a long-term relationship with our selected vendor.  This means we love running multiple co-op deals per year (including slower seasons) and running deals for other services you may provide.

What Our Pro’s Say…

After doing business in Hawaii for over 20 years, I moved back to Orange County to start it from scratch. After handing out 12,000 cards, going door to door, a year and a half later I would be somewhat busy for maybe a month and then have virtually no work for two weeks! Then I began with Thrive Communities Co-Op in Ladera Ranch and had twice as much daily work, which has been nonstop! The fees are unnoticeable and my business has been revolutionized!

Gary ParishVision Window Cleaning OC

We have done multiple deals with Thrive Communities and we couldn’t be happier.  Sales have exceeded our expectations and have dramatically reduced our marketing expenses.

KyleCasper Screens

We have truly enjoyed working with your company. The program set up with your company has proven to be a successful and worthwhile venture.  We have appreciated the level of professionalism your company and its employees provide. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Dennis Di GiorgioDirect Shower Door

Join Us!

Please contact us if you are interested in offering your products and services to our Co-Op members.

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