Window Repairs

Another South County curse, windows that won’t open/close. We heard you loud and clear- help! Some people had quotes as high as $300 per window for repairs or were told they needed to replace the window rather than repair (that deal will post shortly too). Ugh.

Through many referrals, we found Charles Smith. He offers various services and is happy to help us with window repairs.

$150/window (includes parts, labor and tax):

*Inspection of the window(s) to determine which products should be ordered/used
*Order window spring balances
*Install new spring balances

2-3 windows are $125 each and 4 or more are $110 each.

To commit to purchase, please fill out the form below. This is a commitment and the price is clear and fixed so please, only fill out the form if you are ready to move forward on your window repairs.

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