Welcome to the Thrive Buying Co-Op!

What is the Thrive Buying Co-Op you ask?

We are a couple of neighbors that needed some of the same things for our homes and thought, hey, I wonder if some of these guys would give us a deal if we bought services together? Guess what, they did! We started researching and vetting the BEST professionals we could find with the best products and services then negotiating great pricing for everyone with awesome results! We’ve offered everything from screen doors to window washing to solar panels saving our members TIME AND MONEY! Word got out and we had people asking to join from all over South Orange County and now North Orange County so we are excited to share the love with you!

How does it work?

We research our professionals…sometimes more than most people would for their own homes! We review their social media ratings, referrals on community pages and websites. We look for great products/services with great customer service. We often speak with more than 10 different pros before selecting one! We negotiate bulk pricing between the best professionals until we get a great price for you. Pros love us because we help secure people that are ready to buy and members love us because we save you all the sales pitches, researching and negotiating. Once you see a deal you like, you simply follow the directions on the listing. The professional will contact you to schedule your appointment and you pay them for the product/service. Easy-peasy!

So let’s THRIVE together! Add any friends or neighbors that you think might be interested! As the we grow, we will be able to offer more and more deals! What do you want first? Frameless shower doors? Solar panels? Whole house fans/attic fans? Retractable screen doors? We have lots of deals ready to go! Looking for something else? Let us know!!! Here we gooooooo!