Garage Epoxy Flooring

Garage Epoxy is a great way to not only make your garage look nice but make it more functional. How many of us have play spaces set up in our garages? Home gyms? Workshops? Epoxy floors are easier to clean and resist the dirt and grime more than cement. It is also less slippery when we get those rain sprinkles and more durable than just cement. In researching garage epoxy we discovered pricing can vary and yes, you can do it yourself but, like many DIY projects, it is a lot of work and doesn’t come with warranties. A common problem with DIY epoxy is hot tire pickup…those black tire marks from your hot tires. When the process is done with lesser quality products (DIY kits) they don’t last as long and are prone to problems like peeling.

We selected Precise Garages based of of numerous local referrals and recommendations. Pedro is top notch in his attention to detail and skill at this craft. They use the highest quality, industrial material and take extra measures in preparations to ensure long lasting results.

In general we found pricing to average about $4.40-$5.50 per square foot and stem walls (that concrete ledge all along your garage) to add a lot to the price. We also surveyed several neighbors and most paid $1800-$3000 for their standard 2 car garages.

Precise Garages is offering THRIVE COMMUNITIES $4.25 per square foot, tax included!

THRIVE PRICE of $4.25 per square foot includes:

  • Diamond grinding concrete prep
  • Patch all holes and cracks
  • Stem walls up to 6 inches – painted a solid color or epoxied to match the floor
  • 18 pound vapor stopping epoxy coating
  • Non-yellowing polyaspartic (clear coat) coating
  • 41 gorgeous colors to pick from – traditional flake and stone flake options
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty

AND Pedro can make your garage even more functional with overhead storage installation. Labor is normally $125 but with epoxy install with Thrive he is offering the labor on installation for $75! He can help you select the right racks for your space or you can purchase through him at cost.

To purchase, please fill out the commitment form. Precise Garages will contact you to arrange a time to come and measure your garage, give you your final cost based on your measurements and schedule your installation.

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